Theodore - The Mechanical Bull



"Theodore" the Mechanical Bull is waiting for you to ride.  How long can you stay on him?

Theodore travels with the carnival.  He's a big hit with everyone that rides him.

Theodore will sometimes sneak off to other events for a change in pace.

For rental prices, you can call my owner.

I can lighten up any party I come too.

Be sure to read my rules below.

Ex-Nihilo Amusements


Mission Statement

   Ex-Nihilo Amusements is owned by a husband and wife team.  Being the 5thgeneration of amusement owners, we are uniquely qualified to meet all your event rental needs with 4 generations of experience in the amusement industry behind us.  As a family of 7 we are not only devoted to family focussed wholesome entertainment, but to safety.  We maintain high safety standards and practices, and keep insurance on all equipment.  We offer clients the most value for their money by offering multiple event packages for varying budgets.  We are in this business to serve others.  "Our business is your amusement!"

Mechanical Bull Rental

Here is a compiled basic price list for your convenience.  This is not a final price as that is to be determined by both parties and agreed upon with the signing of a contract.

Minimum Contract:  $500

This includes a setup fee of $300 and a minimum of 2 hours at $100 per hour, increasing in $100 increments with each additional hour. For locations over 100 miles from the business address there will be a mileage charge, per mile, to be set at a later time and included in the contract.

Hourly Bull Rental Rates

2 Hours $500

3 Hours $600

4 Hours $700

This is an all-inclusive price.  Items covered under this include setup, bull rental, 2 trained operators on site, insurance on bull, tear down, and any other agreed upon items to be stated in contract.

 This is a must read and must be signed prior to riding the bull. 

The Release and Waiver : Assumption of Risk and Ideminty


 This is a must read and must be signed prior to riding the bull.  

The Release and waiver