Interested in working for us?

We start our hiring process around the first of April.

We do a preliminary background check before you come.

We do not pay for bus or plane tickets or gas for you to come.

Don't feel comfortable filling out the form below - no problem 

Just call the information in at 270-881-8316



All applicants that we hire will be working for a great company.

You must be able to  agree to the requirements.

1.  Must be drug free and be able to pass a drug test.

2.  Must be able to pass a background check.

3.  Must be able to agree to the bunkhouse rules.

4.  Must be to work on time.

5.  Must be willing to work where we put you. (ie: major rides, kiddie rides, games or the food trailer. 

6.  No pets.

Things that will get you fired!

1.  Drinking and fighting

2.  Drugs

3.  Failing the background check