Kiddie Land



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The Convoy is just the right size for the want-to-be truck driver.  This is a very popular ride with the young ones.

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30 Horse Carousel


A Carousel that is grand for any occasion.  Brings back the memories of our childhood.  Even marriages happen on the beautiful Merry-Go-Round of life

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F-80's Airplane Ride


This is a 2 seater airlplane ride.  It is decked out to look like Miltary Airplanes.  All the kids love to fly a pland.

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Skyfighter - Airplane Ride


This airplane will take you back in time.  Each plane will hold 2 riders (one facing forward and one facing backwards).  Allowing a shoot out with each other.

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Kiddie Cars


This is a classic kiddie car ride.  The riders can choose from a dune-buggy to the bigger APV car; even has a motorcycle.  This is a favorite with the younger kids.

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Train / Fire Truck Kiddie Ride


This classic ride dates back to a time when life was simple.  The kids love riding in a train or fire truck.

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Panda Bears


The Panda Bears are fun for the small ones to ride.  

Not only that we also have a big bounce house.



The kiddie Elephant ride is a poplar ride for the kids. Not only does it go around but it also goes up.  

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Super Slide


This slide is over 100 ft long with 3 lanes.  Riders love the thrill of racing each other to the finish line.

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Thunder Dome Bounce House


A great place for the young ones to burn off all that energy.