Our Major and Spectacular Rides



This ride has seats that suspend in an oblique angle.  The seats are free and rock sideways and swing out under the canopy above the riders.  This ride has a bit of fame - it was in the movie "The Fury" by Stephen King.

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This blast from the past is still a favorite with the carnival goers.  Each of the seats swival back and forth and spin in a circle as the whole ride rotates in a circle.

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This ride has suspended sseats that spin in one direction while the ride itsself spins in the opposite direction.  You will think that your going to hit the other seats.

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A popular ride among carnival goers.  Each of the tubs can hold up to 7 riders giving you an opportunity to ride with your friends.  The ride is at a 30 degree angle which makes it more intriguing ride.

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Heart Flip


This ride is very popular among the teenagers and couples in love. Each of the hearts turn freely in either direction by turning the center table.  While the ride itself is turning the hearts.  The hearts also will swing out when the ride is in motion.

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Zero Gravity


This ride consist of a circular horizontal platform with a vertical cage-like wall.  The riders stand in each cage while the ride starts spinning.  When enough force is built up the ride raises them into a vertical position.  A very popular ride among the teenagers.

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Ferris Wheel


This classic ride is still a popular today.  Brings back fond memories.

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This ride a very popular with the teenagers.  Each of the seats flip freely in either direction as the ride turns.  The seats are made to fit the rider and the cages are shaped to protect the rider's entire body.

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Coming Soon


Adding this coming year.  A Viking Ship.  Can seat up to about 40 people.  

More information will be added soon